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In light of recent Trump executive orders, including one to push through DAPL, it no longer seems sensible to wait to schedule "Flowers for Peace" (the election documentary), or "War of North Dakota" (about the pipeline fight). So, we are actively seeking venues, (anywhere in the US or Canada), to screen both docs.

"Flowers for Peace" (Documentary) (Rough Cut) It started by bringing flowers to strangers and praying for peace with Jeb Bush. But, ultimately this film documents the civil unrest and violence recorded at a total of 40 Trump events. While, there are plenty of comical interactions, like singing with Governor John Kasich and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, it is the interactions with Trump and his supporters in the wake of Trump's election that are today the most relevant. Trump calls on Webber to recite scripture. Webber replies with verses critical of Trump. Trump blows it off and his supports attack Webber. At the next rally, Trump staff and police team up to throw Webber over a table, for the sin of asking Trump about the previous attack. Webber is arrested. Meanwhile the media is silent. Webber continues to be ejected and arrested, (for the crime of having flowers). As things evolve, Webber and friends are raided by the FBI and ICE agents during the RNC. There was no warrant, but the agents entered the home with guns out, and denied it-- and it is all caught on tape. Finally, on the eve of the inauguration, Webber is stopped by Capitol Police in Washington DC, "for having a bomb." No one will be surprised to find out, all Webber had was flowers. This is what it is like to speak the truth in Donald Trump's America.


"The War of North Dakota" (Documentary) (Rough cut) highlights the actions on the Backwater Bridge and nearby locations at the Standing Rock Reservation and NoDAPL protests leading up to a brutal night in which the Morton County Sheriff's department unleashed rubber bullets, concussion grenades, tear gas and freezing water-cannons on the people of Standing Rock and their environmentalist allies, resulting in 300 injuries. There was widespread hypothermia, the loss of eye-sight (with Sioux-Z Dundon), and a woman (Sophia Wilansky), who lost the use of her arm-- both were injured by explosives launched at the crowd by the police. DM on Twitter. @RodWebber


"Vermin, The Movie" (Documentary) (Rough Cut) Vermin Supreme is a performance artist and political satirist who has been running for political offices since the eighties while wearing a boot on his head. He campaigns on a platform of time-travel research, mandatory tooth-brushing laws and free ponies. He came to internet fame after sprinkling glitter on his opponent to “make him gay,” leading to a wildly popular video collaboration about it by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Songify The News. Vermin came in fourth place in the 2016 Democratic Primaries, and his “free ponies” platform has gained more mainstream coverage after Hillary Clinton used the idea in her book.  

“Vermin— I definitely feel he should be president. He’s very sweet, very nice, very sexy.” — Jason Mewes 

Starring Vermin Supreme, Billy Bob Thornton, (Slingblade), Sean Astin (Stranger Things), Elijah Wood (LOTR), Darriel McDaniels (Run DMC), Jason Mewes (Jay & Silent Bob),Donald Trump Jr., Ben Carson, Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Chris Christie, Governor Gary Johnson, Charles Krauthammer (Pundit), Wolf Blitzer (CNN), Shep Smith (Fox News) Brad Mielke (ABC News)   



"Milkweed" 2013 - Lonny Robards, a recently released mental patient/ man-child returns to the town where he lived in his youth. Lonny is taken in by an old woman Eunice, and spends his free time with a disposable camera in the woods taking pictures of, talking to and dancing with the animals. Before long, he falls in love with his eco-therapist, Vesta. Lonny begins to turn his photographic endeavors on Vesta and her 6-year-old child.

Lonny’s mental state rapidly deteriorates when he comes upon drunken hunters threatening the woodland creatures with whom he had formed a bond. Lonny’s downward spiral into madness only really begins when he discovers a unscrupulous building developer is planning to uproot his beloved woods as well as the elementary school Vesta’s child attends.


"Sleepwalk" (2012)



"My America" (2011) - An erudite African American whose wife was the victim of a hate-crime reaches the end of his rope when confronted by bigot EJ Winston. Download Presskit



"Northern Comfort" (2010) Starring Rod Webber & Greta Gerwig

Guided only by a set of books-on-tape by Greek philosopher Socrates, Horace and Cassandra are a mismatched duo who must learn to work together or meander aimlessly throughout the frozen wilderness. The two strike up a friendship, but after a night of drinking and spitting-up blood in a hotel bathroom, Cassandra has second thoughts about the pairing, and leaves the next morning.

Horace and Cassandra cross paths again, but after her car breaks down, they are forced to find shelter in the woods. They come across a cabin inhabited by an eccentric hermit (Markus Nechay) who let’s them get out from the cold. They spend the night telling stories and playing along with the hermit who is fond of fiddle and beat poetry.

When Cassandra is confronted with the reality that her sickness is worsening, she must decide whether to stick it out with Horace, or find her own way, knowing that her time is running out.



"American Psych Ward" (2009) Starring Doug 'Tiny' Tunstall & Dennis Kucinich

The follow-up documentary to “A Man Among Giants.” - After Doug ‘Tiny’ Tunstall runs for mayor, he is committed to a mental hospital. This is the headline-grabbing documentary about Tiny’s experience which ultimately got him released after four days of packed screenings, and those pesky newspaper articles shining a light on the corruption of the system.



"A Man Among Giants" (2008) Documentary - Tiny The Terrible runs for Mayor of Pawtucket.

A Man Among Giants documents the trials and tribulations of Doug ‘Tiny’ Tunstall, a self-described “ghetto republican” little-person on public assistance, who ran for Mayor of Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 2006. As a former pro-wrestler, and a member of the G.O.P. in a town with a long-sitting Democrat incumbent, Tiny has a difficult time being taken seriously. Never a quitter, he confronts the challenge head-on. Applying the teachings of his loving father he defies his detractors, determined to turn his differences and assets. He developsa thick skin, a big mouth, and an even bigger personality.



"Monkfish" - Starring Lloyd Kaufman and Tiny the Terrible. A comedy caper about a safe full of stolen pornography.

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