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Rod's second appearance on "Watching the Hawks" with Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace VIDEO

Appearing on "Dan Yorke State of Mind" (Fox Providence) VIDEO


INSURGENCY NOW: EP5: "Rod the Flower Guy."


Recently, my encounter with the anti-Islamic group BAIR was featured on NOW THIS, and achieved a bit of virality at over 700 thousand views. I was at a Donald Trump rally in Dallas, TX, and saw the men at the protest, standing with their AR-15s, and I decided to have a friendly chat, while I put flowers in the barrels of their guns, (recreating the iconic Bernie Boston photo of the Civil Rights era. The Dallas Morning News snapped a photo, which inititally went viral, leading to an article, leading to my video getting picked up.


Rod with model Ali Michael in Elle Magazine - Photo by Iain McKell


Rod with model Ali Michael in Elle Magazine - Photo by Iain McKell


Appearing on RT's "Watching the Hawks" to discuss ejection and arrest at Trump Q&A. VIDEO

Check out the new project Flower Vibin' inspired by Flowers For Peace by students Columbus College of Art & Design!


Dallas Morning News


Washington Post: Assaulted by Trump Staff. Later Arrested. VIDEO


"Webber schools Huckabee on the Bible" (Featured on The Young Turks.) VIDEO


Second feature on TYT (VIDEO)


Rod Webber — who is working on a documentary about Republican candidate Donald Trump’s movement and identifies as “anti-Trump” — filmed Stevenson and asked him a question at the Crowne Plaza rally, on April 25. Stevenson told him to “get a job.” When Webber asked another question, the man cursed at Webber and spat at him, according to a police report.



Warwick police are now searching for another man who allegedly grabbed one of Webber’s cameras, threw it in the air several times and tossed it into a crowd behind him. READ ARTICLE: MAN STEALS WEBBER'S CAMERA AT TRUMP RALLY


Featured on CBS Atlanta at a John Kasich event. VIDEO

Appearing on WPRO to talk about scuffle at Trump rally

Featured a 2nd time on CBS Atlanta at a Ted Cruz rally. VIDEO

Appearing on the Mike Butler Midday Show on WEMF


Filmmaker's statement:

We are on the precipice of a great new era of growth and transformation. For the past century we have been in the throes of teenage growing pains— going from an agricultural society to an industrial society, hungry for natural resources and raw materials to fuel our growth-- a growth that has increasingly put us at war-- largely for the purpose of drilling oil from the ground.

But now we must prepare ourselves to make the transformation from an industrial / war based society born of fossil fuels, to a conscientious society based on new earth-friendly technologies which will usher in a new golden Age of Enlightenment of prosperity and growth. Like all growth and transformation, it will be painful at first. There will be resistance. There will be protests in the street. The power elite will pit the working classes against each other using social issues as wedges in order to maintain their violent stranglehold on their dying way of life.

But this transformation is upon us, whether the powerful like it or not. The earth cannot much longer sustain the abuses we put her through. Our bridges and infrastructure are collapsing-- and if we are to rebuild America, and bring her into the shining new land of prosperity, we must embrace renewable energy and alternative sources of biodegradable materials such as hemp and soy. We must harness the wind and the sea.

Dr. Cornel West


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